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When to start dating again after a long relationship

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I DO NOT want to be in a relationship, i completely refuse it, cause i suffered like crazy the last year in my LTR, and the breakup, and it was all a horrible proccess. and i say "yes, casually", and they act surprise that i dont want to be in a relationship. My LTR has been over only for 2 months, and i intend to stay this way a much longer time.

And in my 7 year relationship (we lived together, btw) i gave everything, put him first ALWAYS (and he had a lot of problems, and i was the one helping him through and holding his hands) and just now, after he is no more in my life, i see how sad i was a lot of times in my LTR. And since may, that i ve been single, im feeling SO MUCH better. They say falling in love is the best thing and i should be doing it, no matter its too soon. Cause i DO know what falling in love is, and wht giving your life for other person is, and what another person meanining everything to you and taking up your whole life is. Why does people dont get when someone does not wanna get involved in a serious relationship??

OVERCOMING THESE CHALLENGES Overcoming these challenges, in big part, has a lot to do with a changing of one’s mindset and a letting go of expectations Mphunga says.

As you reach towards deciding on how to date again, always remember that there’s no wrong answer, as long as the decision is made by you and only you. Friends and family members will try and set you up with so and so. You’re now crossing worlds that might be impossible to ever uncross.

At time like these, I always recommend to take a look at dating sites.

There are so many niche dating sites out there, you’ll be able to focus on the type of site the suites your needs.

Don’t come with high expectations because you’re starting something that you are not sure about.

A new relationship is always unpredictable,” he says.