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Kenji Delos Reyes delivers a speech during the wedding reception of his college friends, Kirby and Grace.

However, Kenneth, Kenji’s only son, makes out with a girl in a bathroom stall as the girl’s grandfather enters; chaos then ensues as the old man chases Kenneth to the reception hall.

Kelay is a kooky girl who also wants to look for Mr.

Gangsta originally appeared as a manga series written and illustrated by Kohske in 2011.

Then in 2015, it was adapted into an anime series with the same title, which was developed by studio “Manglobe.” The anime adaptation debuted on Asahi Network, but soon afterward it was available on other Japanese channels, as well, such as TV Aichi and BS11.

Shinichi Inotsume is the author of the original script the series is based on, Shuko Murase directed this one, while Tsutchie was in charge of the music.

There are four main Clans which control the city, among which the so-called “Twilight” is the most powerful one because its members possess supernatural strength and speed.

As you may expect, there are, of course, those who fight these “bad guys,” too.

It includes an interesting and engaging story along…Read More »Other Age focuses on a princess who is ready to meet her suitor.

Read More »If you aren’t yet familiar with Otome Gaming it is a video game that is targeted towards the female market, where one of the main goals is to develop a romantic relationship between the female…After you play at least one of them, you will be addicted forever.

Read More »Created by IDHAS Studios, Anton’s vacation is a mini-series/visual novel that is a combination of novel and computer game.

In French-speaking countries, this show is distributed by Crunchyroll.

The story of Gangsta is set in Ergastulum, a town which is depicted as a place ruled by corrupt cops, thieves, and mafia.