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Jewish men dating non jewish woman

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But not every interfaith marriage is a threat to Jewish continuity.

My wife, who is a rabbi, generally does not officiate at interfaith weddings.

However, unlike the mythic Sirens, gentile women are human beings who live and work among us.

Our "shiksa problems" are not about their mere presence, but about our treatment of them.

I loved my father dearly, respected his convictions even when we didn't always agree, and ascribed great importance to his opinions.

And even if I could accept intermarriage, my father never would. He had repeatedly told me how important it was to marry "inside." He worried about the ultimate demise of the Jewish people through assimilation.I was a "nice Jewish girl" looking to date a "nice Jewish boy" when I met him.He was a nice secular non-Jew from Seattle whose religious identity was rooted in memories of hanging stockings on Christmas and eating chocolate on Easter.My wife and I have several Jewish female friends in their mid-30s who are still single.When any of them visit, our Shabbat talk inevitably turns to the people they are dating and how difficult it is to find a nice Jewish guy with whom to start a Jewish family and raise Jewish children.But when a widowed Holocaust survivor and close friend of ours wanted to marry another close friend, my wife was supportive; clearly they were not going to have any children. Holding the Jewish community's line on not performing interfaith marriages or the happiness of this couple?